The names of Maltravieso

The Maltravieso cave, year 1960

Carlos Callejo Serrano (1911-1993)

Carlos Callejo, year 1950

Telesforo Pérez, “The Frenchman”

The Discovery Room (disappeared) in the Maltravieso cave, year 1951

Martín Almagro Basch (1911-1984)

Carlos Callejo and Martín Almagro inside the Maltravieso cave, year 1960

Antonio Márquez Terán

C. Callejo and A. Márquez inside the Maltravieso cave, year 1968

Eduardo Ripoll Perelló (1923-2006)

Studies published in the nineties

Francisco Jordá Cerdá (1914-2004)

C. Callejo, Martín Almagro and Jordá inside the Maltravieso cave, year 1960

Henri Breuil, A.R. Verbrugge, Alí al-Sahly, André Glory and Mary H. Amstrong

C. Callejo's correspondance with national and international researchers

More recent research on the Maltravieso Cave

Recent research